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Cuteryko is an independent online jewellery business focused on developing fun and quirky accessories for everyone!

Cuteryko was established in February 2020 in Belfast by me, Chloe! I am a graphic design student who loves to be creative and make things. Since I started my online store I have been overwhelmed with great feedback, support and the coolest customer base. Follow me on Instagram and drop me a DM or Email if you need anything.

 Email: mail@cuteryko.com 

Cuteryko was established in February 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. We take great pride in our brand identity and focus on fostering an inclusive community for everyone.

I create most of my products in-house, currently offering a range of earrings, bags and accessories. My products at the moment are stocked in Atika London and Unique (Belfast). You can also find my products on ASOS Market Place.


You can read more about Cuteryko here: