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Kitten Party Sylvanian Families Earrings

Kitten Party Sylvanian Families Earrings

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  •  Sterling silver hooks
  • Write in the ‘notes’ when you checkout if you want these to be clip-ons!

Can’t choose which one to pick? Here is some information about each of the kittens to help you choose!

  • Chantelle Midnight (Black kitten) is possibly the most helpful girl in Sylvania! With her parents being so immersed in the magical arts, you’d expect her to have her head in the clouds but she is a hard worker and very conscientious in her studies. Chantelle is always full of bright ideas, and a friend in need can always turn to her for help and advice 
  • Jasper Maple (Ginger Kitten) loves to read. Sometimes he is so absorbed in his book that he forgets where he is, and often misses his stop on the tram! Inspired by all his favourite books, Jasper has lately started to write his own stories; his mother thinks he may grow up and be a famous author one day. 
  • Lyra Persian (White Kitten) likes tinkering with machines and is very interested in engineering. The family have just moved into a new house that has an elevator, and Lyra is fascinated by how it works. Being a twin, Lyra is very close to her sister and the two of them talk all the time, which is especially nice as she is normally quite quiet and shy. 
  • Macey Harvey (Grey Kitten) always follows the rules, and her favourite phrase is "let's take turns!". She often lines up with her friends in front of playground equipment and says "let's all take turns!" Her nursery teacher says "You look like a little nursery teacher!" which makes her feel quite proud.
  • Ellie Keats (Brown Kitten) is one of the family tasters, when it comes to food Ellie is no waster. If Ellie likes the latest recipe or creation, it is bound to be a great success across the nation!
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